PVC Insulated Tape

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Our research and development team’s continuous attempt to develop the best PVC insulated tape warrants the best physical properties. Udaan Cable’s PVC insulated tape offers a balanced strength, adhesion, flexibility, and unwinds strength. These features ensure excellent conformability, exceptional workability, and one of the market’s best sealing properties.

The tape is certified by ISI: XXXX for its electrical usage.

Our PVC Insulated Tapes are used extensively by various industries to cover electric wires and materials that conduct electricity. The PVC Tape we use is processed with Polyvinyl chloride that offers the best insulating property along with premier flexibility compared to other insulating materials in the market. The PVC insulated tape that we produce undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it can insulate high voltage and current, also prevent the area that it covers from water, fire, and other corrosive materials. Our patrons and partners can procure the required premium PVC Insulated Tapes in the color and quantity as per their requirements.



Width1.80 cm
Length9 meters
Thickness0.125mm +/- 0.025mm
Tensile Strength150N/10mm width per mm thickness (min)
Adhesion to Steel1.6 N/10 mm width (min)
Adhesion to Backing1.3 N/10mm width (min)
Electric Strength at room temp40 KV/mm (min)
Electric Strength after humid Conditioning35 KV/mm (min)
FlammabilitySelf Extinguishing
Electrolytic CorrosionWithin permissible degrees of Corrosion as specified
Insulation Resistance10 Ohms (min)
Stability to Accelerating AgingNo change in adhesive property
Colors AvailableRed, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, White